Rules of entry to Dubai, UAE

Rules of entry to Dubai, UAE

Until 2001, citizens of all countries except the UK (they will automatically receive a visa upon arrival at the airport) for a trip to the United Arab Emirates visa is required. However, March 20, 2001 the UAE government has decided to introduce visa-free regime for citizens of 33 countries. This list does not include the former Soviet Union.

Citizens of Belgium, Italy , Denmark, France, Germany , Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain , Switzerland, Sweden , Austria, Norway , Portugal, Greece , Ireland, Finland , Cyprus, Malta , Monaco , Iceland, Vatican , Andorra, Liechtenstein , San Marino , Australia, USA , New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Brunei , Hong Kong and Malaysia may enter the UAE without a visa .

Nationals of GCC (Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf), namely Bahrain, Qatar , Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia , also do not require visas . Citizens of all other countries for entry into the UAE must get it.

If you are going to Dubai, then you need to learn more about the rules of entry into the city.

It is important to follow the rules of entry in Dubai, as it directly affects the ability to stay in the city. For a trip to Dubai citizens of Russia and the CIS must apply for a visa. Give visa at the airport upon arrival, but before that you want to provide the necessary documents to the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, to obtain by fax or e-mail confirmation that the visa is open.

Do need to arrange a visa in advance, using the services of firms or “sponsor” (it can be a hotel, a company or individual who has the right to apply for visas).

To obtain a visa for citizens of Russia and CIS countries must have a valid passport (at least for next 6 months).

Tourist visa is valid 60 days from the date of issuance, and 30 days from the date of entry.

Validity transit visa – 14 days. It could be issued by airline.

Visitor visa is valid for 90 days. This visa could be made out for business partners who are registered in the UAE , or residents of the Emirates for their relatives.

Overdue for a visa is a penalty equal to 100 dirhams (about US $ 27) per day.

Additionally, single ladies under 30 years old could have problems to obtain a visa, especially if they are traveling alone. Therefore it is necessary to take seriously the collection of documents for the visa.

So, with visa issues resolved, and you can pack your bags. However, before you collect things, to become acquainted with the customs regulations in the UAE, and Dubai in particular.

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