Traffic regulations in Dubai

Traffic regulations in Dubai

Roads in the UAE is very good and the quality is just gorgeous. Stir in the UAE and the right side according to the same rules of the road , as in Russia , however, nevertheless, there is a difference – many roundabouts that require skip trucks coming from the left side . Intersections you will see a corresponding warning sign “Give way “. Almost all road signs are the same as in all around world. They are made in Arabic and English languages. To safely move around, you must include a timely turn signals and closely monitor road markings. Arrows at intersections show the movement. For the safety of vehicular traffic in dark locations have colored reflectors.

Also, be aware of the speed limit. In urban areas the maximum permissible speed – 60 km / h on motorways – 100 km / h If you exceed the speed radars with the camera will record the number of your car and have to pay a fee (minimum – 600 dirham). If you parked in the wrong place or just wrong parking, you have to pay a fine of 150-200 dirhams. Additionally, for breaching of these rules, your vehicle can be towed away by the police department.

The UAE has a lot of automated paid parking with just 2 dirhams per hour parking fees. You can safely leave your car at the parking.

And most importantly, remember that offer a bribe to traffic policemen who stopped you, is unacceptable. For this you will attract criminal liability. And for a traffic violation ,  your driving license could be withdrawn. You can return it by paying a fine in the Department of Traffic Police .

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