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RI Group was formed in 2009 by CEO Anton Elizarov which owns Zenith Holiday Homes Rentals LLC and Ros Invest Real Estate. RI GROUP provides complete property management: legal support for transactions, leasing, professional work with tenants and collection of payments on schedule.

All apartments operated & managed under the ‘Bespoke Residences’ brand.

Bespoke Residences, with the managerial and operational expertise of a flagship boutique hotel group, is designed to affiliate holiday home owners alongside the international presence of Bespoke Hotels, and in turn elevate the standards of service within the holiday homes sector. One of the first such solutions to arrive on the market, it has been devised to support the needs of owners of leisure real estate by providing the quality of service and professionalism associated with the leading players in the hospitality industry.

Bespoke Hotels have 200 Hotels across 30 countries, 14,000 keys, 3 M Bespoke’s loyal customer data base. $ 1.5 Billion asset are managed or marketed under "bespoke" banner. IFA Hotel Investments and Bespoke International have a Joint Venture Agreement to operate as Bespoke Hotels Middle East in Middle East & Africa.

Bespoke Hotels Middle East and Africa has reached an agreement to operate/manage Zenith Holiday Homes Rentals LLC residential units across Dubai. Zenith Holiday Homes Rentals LLC is a branch and sister company of RI Group. RI Group, prime job is real estate solutions from leasing to sale of apartments across Dubai.

myrent.ae website – is marketing and reservation channel for RIGROUP holiday homes villas and apartments.

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Our service is your real assistance regarding the rent of best housing accommodation in Dubai for an excellent cost! Contact us, and you will get rid of exhaustive searches of convenient and inexpensive suites, apartments, houses. Moreover, you will be not disturbed by the utility payments, and expenses on repairs and cleaning - we will take care of all that. Entrust the process of your housing accommodation rent to real professionals, and you will be satisfied with our services!

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Dubai is the first place to visit for any traveler and RI Group would help you with that. RI Group was created in 2009 by an enthusiastic man Anton Elizarov, who also owns Ros Invest Real State and Zenith Holiday Homes Rentals LLC. On RI GROUP website you will find dozens of holiday homes in Dubai to choose from so that they would cater all your needs, preferences and requirements. Please take into account that all the home rentals we provide are managed under the popular “Bespoke Residences” brand. Bespoke Residences were designed to elevate the service standards within the sector. As a result, there are 200 Bespoke Hotels in 30 countries all over the world, 14 000 keys for the owners of new apartments for rent, and 3M customers of Bespoke. $1.5 bln assets are managed under the “bespoke” banner. More than that, Bespoke International and IFA Hotel Investments have assigned a joint venture known as Bespoke Hotels Middle East&Africa in order to offer luxury real estate solutions on the new markets. But that’s not all. Zenith Holiday Homes Rentals LLC appeared in the result of agreement with Bespoke Hotels Middle East&Africa to manage apartments for rent in the UAE. myrent.ae is a channel through which RIGROUP can offer the customers their professional services. Using the convenient website, the customers can easily filter the features of the apartment they wish to have and pick the one that suits best. You can choose any district of Dubai to live in. The variety of apartments gives a lot of opportunities. You can find yourself in a business office with strict design, or in a living room with an old- look interior, or in the kitchen with the newest technologies. People all are different, so there are properties in Dubai. Whatever you wish, MyRent will make it real!!