Business Bay: Discover Entirely Land of Dreamers

Business Bay: Discover Entirely Land of Dreamers

A native land of magnificent views, stately buildings, man-made islands and permanent summer offer a wide spectrum of gaiety.  To get a really luxurious vacation in UAE  think about renting apartments beforehand.

Vacations in Dubai become a chance for enjoying taking a sunbath in plenty and strolling the night city streets. But it is available if you rent apartments in the center of the metropolis.

Satisfaction from the trip and the level of relaxation depends on a place for staying during the holidays. Qualitative rest in a cozy suite brings energy for exploring the beautiful  city..

Main Points for Searching Apartments

  1. Think how your rest will be held. Do you plan to go jogging, visiting the gym or playing beach volleyball or maybe, you want to have a good sleep lying on the beach? Ask the house owner about facilities you could get. Choose suitable apartments for a style of the trip.
  2. Choose the term of staying. The most profitable way for renting is a long-term lease (at least a week). The average apartments will cost 2500-3000$ per month. The pleasant bonus is a visa support. It lasts up to 1 month.
  3. Check the amount of money. In Dubai renting is possible mostly without signing of an agreement. But you can be asked for leaving a deposit for the preservation of the apartment.

After payment owner gives all keychains needed, access cards, electronic key fobs, which are required to enter the accommodation.

How to Choose a District

You need to realize your plans of being in Dubai to choose the right place. For example,  the Business Bay district is popular place among tourists and businessmen because it consists a lot of centers for shopping and enjoying green plantings. It’s a comfortable variant for sports lovers. But Al Khazzan park offers a cozy atmosphere for family strolling.

It would be a great idea to visit Dubai Mall. The biggest center for entertainment includes 1200 retail outlets, there are more than 100 restaurants and two department stores for tourist functioning.

You may also visit the recreation area. Silence and magnificent views of parks and plantings will make the pleasant impression.

Business Bay has enough convenient location. It takes only 10 minutes to get the international airport. The district is near the main arteries of infrastructure – Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road.

The Business Bay stretched out along the coast of the Dubai bay and canal. It’s possible to use a water taxi.

What About Prices at Business Bay

Renting an accommodation is a simple procedure if you have enough money. Be ready to leave approximately 3000$ for a month rental. But you’ll get a beautiful studio with a huge bed, comfortable bath, cozy kitchen and modern furniture. The apartments will provide your perfect relaxation. Magnificent apartments from MyRent like this ( are located in the heart of the Business Bay and show a glorious view on Dubai Canal.

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