Discover a New World with Dubai Marina

Discover a New World with Dubai Marina

For a long time, Dubai has traditionally been considered one of the most popular places for holidays. There are many skyscrapers, artificially created reservoirs and even islands in Dubai. Here you may find a lot of beautiful areas specially created for comfortable living and entertaining. But if you want to choose the most attractive place among them, then undoubtedly Marina will be a leader. The most of the achievements of human labor are concentrated exactly in this place.

Marina is the most high-tech and developed area of Dubai. Moreover, this is an incredible result artificially created by man. The district is equipped with its own tram line and two metro stations along the edges. Here is one of the largest marinas, where the most modern and luxurious yachts are assembled. This is the second largest marina after the California Marina del Rey.

Cayan Tower attracts special attention due to its shape. Its design looks like a twisted rectangle. The building has the height of 300 m and it was completed in 2013. The tower has 75 floors and it is the tallest construction among similar towers of unusual shape. DAMAC Residenze is also very famous. This tower has 335 meters of height and unusual design and resembles the shape of a yacht sail.

Marina’s nightlife is proportionate to the daytime. Here you will find endless flows of energy, fun and relaxation 24 hours a day. Marina is filled with all sorts of exclusive shops, luxurious restaurants and nightclubs. Just a walk around the area raises the mood, especially in the evening, when the illumination fills the streets and lightens even the sky. Here is a giant shopping and entertainment center – The Beach. An open-air complex is a place for thousands of tourists, where they can visit designer stores, original cafes and buy unusual souvenirs.

Palm Jumeirah, an artificial island with beautiful architecture, is located next to Dubai Marina. You can look at this place not only by going there directly, but also by cruising around the island on a yacht. Besides, any walks on a yacht of different lengths will be available to you.

Accommodation in the area of Marina means high comfort and manufacturability of housing. We offer excellent options for apartments at an affordable price. Most of the proposals also include free use of swimming pools, gyms and beaches. Apartments for every taste and a different number of rooms will surely leave you satisfied – there is simply no bad housing in Marina.

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