Dream City

Dream City

Dubai is really incredible city. Many tourists, coming here for the first time, expect to see incredible luxury and shine and … their expectations are fully justified. The metropolis is really exciting, what it can be seen in the pictures in Google – skyscrapers, shining lights of the motorway, smart ships sailing through the canals. Billions of Dirhams are invested annually in the city’s infrastructure.

This city luxury attracts the rich guests while frightening to those people who wish to move to live in this place. However, the rapid pace of development of infrastructures, unforgettable evenings on beautiful beaches, extravagant lifestyle, and oriental flavor encourage many to “take root” in this wonderland. But many people do not know how to find suitable housing. But if you look, everything is possible.

Financial Center

At one time, the government of metropolis made a lot of efforts to create the Dubai International Financial Center – a free economic zone – a modern financial structure with a worldwide reputation. This financial center strategically located between East and West, a safe and efficient platform for businesses and financial institutions operating in emerging markets throughout the region.

The authorities of the Dubai have created a favorable economic environment for the activities of foreign entrepreneurs and investors, for business tourism and recreation. In such free economic zones as DIFC, 100% ownership of the business is possible with no restrictions on the movement of capital, profit-taking and currency exchange.

Now DIFC is a stock market, a field of activity that can be considered the following areas: banking, insurance, state management, the capital market, any financial activity related to global corporations. In the DIFC not only numerous financial companies are located but also there are many restaurants, shops, hotels of extra class.

Highly desirable district

This area is directly accessible to Downtown and Burj Khalifa, a true free financial zone, and therefore a marina of a huge number of businesses. Compared with other areas of the city, there are not so many apartments here, and there are plenty of people ready to rent them.

In addition to the impressive trading infrastructure, all conditions for life and communication are created in the DIFC area. Sports fans will appreciate the opportunities for playing tennis, squash, modern fitness centers and gymnasiums, and entertainment lovers will appreciate – nightclubs, cinemas and theaters.

Cozy apartments

Exclusive apartments in DIFC with one bedroom – this is perhaps the best place to immerse in the life of Dubai.

MyRent could offer you cozy fully furnished apartments in the financial zone of the metropolis. For example, 1 bedroom apartment in Sky Gardens or Park Tower will bring you maximum comfort.

The metro and the main sights of the city are nearby. This means that tenants of the apartments can almost always walk around the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall.

These apartments also enough convenient for businessmen. In DIFC there are many headquarters of different companies, the brain and the financial engine of Dubai. This is the place, where the issues are solved and deals are concluded for millions, and rented apartments in DIFC are in close proximity to the meeting and negotiation sites.

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