How to Rent a Long-Term Apartment in Dubai on Favorable Clauses

How to Rent a Long-Term Apartment in Dubai on Favorable Clauses

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United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular places both in terms of tourism and
accommodation, and work here. The powerful financial flows, that create crowds of
holidaymakers in Dubai, are actively being introduced into expanding the areas of activity and
improving the emirate, which in turn creates a need for workers in Dubai. To maintain the
functioning of a huge entertainment center and a host of cultural and business establishments,
many foreigners come and work here, but also large proportions of workers are citizens of the
UAE. Unlike temporary vacationers, permanent or even seasonal workers need long-term
housing rentals, but such rent entails some problems.

It’s no secret that the more a certain thing is in demand, the stronger its price will grow.
Thus, the excitement that is caused by thousands of vacationers undoubtedly affects the price. To
a certain extent, it creates some discomfort for both visiting workers and local residents who
would like to rent long-term housing – for year or several ones. But high prices are not the only
barrier faced by those who wish to rent an apartment for a long time. They also face such
phenomena as prepayment and insurance premiums. Prepayment is a common thing in Dubai
property rental and it looks normal until it comes to the realization that for renting an apartment
for a year, tenants usually are asked to prepay for the same period. It can be difficult to pay right
away for a year ahead or even half a year, considering that the average price of renting an
apartment studio is 6000AED (~$1,630) per month.

MyRent offers you convenient rental conditions for long terms. The essence of the rental
scheme is that the tenant rented an apartment for a month and, accordingly, pays only a month in
advance, but after this time, he doesn’t need to look for a new home. In other words, the tenant
rents an apartment for a long period but pays monthly. This method is very convenient in terms
of good distribution of finance and at the same time it is quite safe with us. Besides, additional
payments, such as insurance premiums, are already included in the rental price. In the end, the
tenant must only choose for himself the best option of an apartment among many studios, one-
bedroom and multi-room apartments with the availability of different levels of amenities and,
correspondingly, different prices, and give the case to professionals.

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