JBR – a Deserving Place to be Visited

JBR – a Deserving Place to be Visited

The tourism industry of Dubai opens a huge selection of all kinds of proposals for renting apartments, houses or even villas. UAE visitors have the opportunity to choose for themselves housing for every taste, even the most refined and demanding. Among a wide range of diverse residential areas, there is one special place – Jumeirah Beach Residence. This is one of the most desired districts of Dubai located in the famous Marina.

Here, young couples, families and single persons will find for themselves all the favorable conditions for a charming holiday, which will plunge into your memory forever. JBR includes several dozen high-rise buildings with a wide variety of apartment layouts: from modest studios to luxury penthouses. This project was promising from the very beginning, and now it’s a favorite place for millions of holidaymakers. All buildings were constructed in 3 years and represent a long residential area near the sea. To live in JBR means to admire the sea and sunsets every day.

The geographical location of the area is really great. Firstly, it is the proximity to the sea line, secondly – the close location to metro stations and tram stops. The district is divided into quarters that are united by a common platform. This platform is a courtyard outside and car parking inside with several exits to the highway directly. Accommodation here is very prestigious and is accompanied by sincere envy from other vacationers, who often try to walk through the area, at least.

The complex has a long promenade and fresh beaches. It is the beach that creates the main priority of JBR choice. The blue sea is very clean, and the beaches are equipped with everything you need for a good holiday:

  • towels, sun beds, umbrellas
  • cooling drinks
  • playgrounds for children
  • training grounds
  • lovely cafes and shops
  • attractions and other entertainment, such as camel riding or helicopter flight

The embankment literally teems with glamorous boutiques and handmade shops. Walking along, it’s hard to resist not to buy something rare. Evening walks along the embankment are very popular, when lots of lights are lit. Such an atmosphere involuntarily creates a feeling of romance. Restaurants propose both local cuisine and European one. Therefore, along with the usual dishes, you can always try some oriental delicacy.

We propose you options: from cheap to expensive, from small to large, from studios to multi-room housing. All the variants presented on the site can be yours for any period without much effort. Just pick something up and tell us!

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