Marvelous Discovery Gardens for Everyone

Marvelous Discovery Gardens for Everyone

The city that dives  in clouds and in the sea  at the same time is available for visiting during all seasons. The sunny weather, infinite Gulf and magnificent lights of malls create an atmosphere of celebration and total relax.

High comfort level mixed with plenty of modern technologies open a great possibilities for spending vacation. The buildings in Dubai have the newest systems of water service and power supply. They provide for tourist safe and comfortable rest.

You can rent apartments for a period of a few days until the one year. Apartments can be located at the territory with gym, pool and spa.

Districts: Choosing the Best

All the districts in Dubai differ by the level of buildings and amount of malls.

For example, Discovery Gardens is the area of low-rise buildings. The height of houses is 5 floors maximum. It concerns residential apartments. Visitors can find one-bedroom apartments at attractive prices.

The district has great  location. It is situated between the two main Dubai highways. Sheikh Zayed Road leads to the main and extended street that has many traffic interchanges and overpasses.

You spend maximum 15 minutes to get to the center of metropolis. You can go shopping at the huge malls in Jumeirah and Dubai Marina that lay nearby.

There are perfectly clean white beaches are stretched in Discovery Gardens. All of them are equipped with umbrellas and chaise lounges..

The district can boost the immense cinema in the region with 21 screens. It has a room for watching movies in 3D and sound IMAX. The huge supermarket Giant provides fresh products and all stuff that tourist need.

Main Tips About Finding Apartments

Visitors can pay for 3 months using cash, and gave 3 checks. They will be cashed out in fixed months. It helps to accumulate needed amount of money. This rent was named  as long-term variant.

Identify general number of co-travelers. Thereby you can understand what rent – villa or simple suite.

As for current costs to rent apartment, they should be paid directly to the house owner. This includes utilities, Internet-connection, air conditioning, cable, current housing repairs.

You can search for rental apartments following by one of two ways: use real estate agency or monitor sites with offered suites. For the first way you have to prepare additional percent of comission after selecting a suitable apartment. Using the second variant you can save money but spend much time.

Site MyRent offers diverse flats with fresh repairs, stylish interior and nice location. In the Discovery Gardens district you can rent apartments with incredible view paying from 2.300 – 2.800$.

For example, this lovely place ( – the ideal option for living during vacations include kitchen with basic elements,  cozy bedroom and bath. New furniture and few nightstands increase the total  interior.

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