Rent an Apartment for Two Persons in Dubai

Rent an Apartment for Two Persons in Dubai

Myrent rent apartments Dubai

Dubai is regularly included in the ratings of the most expensive cities in the world. For
example, recently it placed 2 nd position at the price range of the night accommodation in private
apartments and 10 th position in the list of tenancies with the most high-priced real estate. More
than 2 million people live in Dubai; this is the largest place in the Arab Emirates. Over the past
year, almost 15 million tourists visited it – mostly it attracts them because of great shopping. The
locals love the emirate for its peaceful life.

Incredible opportunity
Usually, if you rent an apartment for 1 year, 2, 3 or even more, you must pay for 1-year rent
and some extra money (deposit and various insurance premiums). Moreover, utilities are non-
cheap here – the bill for a small flat in Dubai can reach 5 thousand dirhams if you use air
conditioning and love to take a bath. Electricity and water in the Emirates are very expensive.
However, thanks to MYRENT, there is an interesting option to rent an apartment monthly. It
means that you could live in the same house/apartment for 1 year, 2 or more, but do not pay for a
whole year ahead, you have great possibility to make payment per month. Moreover, with such
option, MYRENT guarantees that you do not need to pay any extra money because commissions
and bills are included.

Rent for two persons
Anyone who has encountered renting an apartment for himself knows that renting a house
occupies a significant part of the cost. To save your budget, co-habitation in will be the best
variant. So, if you decided to rent an apartment for two persons in Dubai, MYRENT is a perfect

The prices for accommodation are different – depending on the area (district) and the quality
of the apartment (interior, view, equipped kitchen, etc.). It is important to pay attention to the
availability of additional facilities, for example:

– Does the house have free parking?
– Is there a sauna in the house?
– Is there a gym in the house?
– Is there a swimming pool in the house?
– Is there a supermarket near the house?
– Is the air conditioner central (central a / c) or windowed (window a / c)?
– What about noise from aircraft/road?
– Who are the neighbors?

MYRENT could offer you best economical save, clean, furnished apartments for fair prices
(by reference to your finances and lifestyle) for two persons on a monthly basis. We want to bring
you maximum comfort. Visit our site and choose any district and number of bedrooms that you
wish. An apartment for rent guarantees you safeness, unique interior, great view from the window,
free access to different facilities (sauna, gym, pool, parking, etc.). So, book studio or house that
you like and enjoy your stay.

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