Rules of conduct in Dubai

Rules of conduct in Dubai

Dubai – the largest city of the United Arab Emirates. On its territory are the same generally accepted standards of behavior, as well as across the country.

In order not to spoil your holiday you need to know and follow the rules in Dubai.

The main thing to remember tourist – UAE is an Islamic state, and despite the fact that the social life here is quite democratized , Islam and its legal doctrine ( Muslim law ) retain a strong position and play a very important role in society . That is why a common way of life in the UAE is characterized by a number of specific features that you need to know as the tourist.

So what are the rules of conduct in Dubai?

In Dubai, modesty and restraint – is the norm of behavior not only for locals but also for visitors from abroad . Remember that you must respect the laws , regulations and customs of the country in which you are.

In Dubai illegal to drink alcohol , but for foreigners who are in the UAE made ​​concessions . Only in the emirate of Sharjah alcohol is under complete ban. For being in a public place while intoxicated , you can be fined a large sum , or arrested and deported . Foreigners can buy alcohol only a few stores that are located in the emirate of Ajman. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased at the restaurant or bar , but could drink them only in its territory, and can not to make drinks outside the hotel, otherwise you risk getting a fine. Consumption of alcoholic beverages on the street also punishable by a fine. Driving while intoxicated is also a grave breach punishable by a heavy fine and imprisonment.

In addition, in any case should not be offered to residents and give them as a souvenir or gift of alcoholic beverages.

Drugs in the UAE are also prohibited. Drug use is punishable by imprisonment for a term up to 5 years, and the importation and sale of drugs is punishable by death.

In Dubai in 2007 and Abu Dhabi in February 2009, banned smoking in public places . You can not smoke in malls and lobbies of buildings, hotels, offices, shops and showrooms in the truck and on the beach, and it is not the whole list. In the cities there are specially equipped areas for smoking, but they are not allowed entry to persons under 20 years. In nightlife yet smoking is not prohibited.

Also the rules of stay in Dubai included prohibitions on photographing public institutions, palaces of Sheikhs, military facilities and installations , government buildings, as well as residents. Especially for local women. Photographing Muslim women is an insult, and for that you can get three days of arrest. If you want to photograph a man, then you first need to ask his permission. Therefore it is necessary to be very careful in places where most meet local women, namely, markets, shops, malls, etc.

Do not take pictures inside the house interior in the absence of the owner, and the interior of the mosque praying people.

Should refrain from profanity and not swear in the presence of local residents. Require cleanliness in the streets. If you throw trash out the window, you will be fined 500 dirhams. It is also undesirable to look at the mosque just out of curiosity.

The Arabs like to meet the guest with tea, coffee or soft drinks.

In the East, proud and very cherished by the ancient traditions of hospitality, and therefore can not give up treats, otherwise it may be perceived as an insult or disrespect to the house owner.

Take or offer food, drinks or something else should be only the right hand.

Before offering any product to Arab ensure that it shall not include pork or alcohol. Also, do not eat standing up or taken on the go and watch a man who takes food. Bread usually has broken by hands. Follow their example. Before entering the house must always take your shoes off. Arabs consider provocative and offensive in their direction when facing the sole interlocutor sitting opposite.

It should also tell you about a handshake from the Arabs. For them it is a special sign of friendliness, so the process handshake bit longer than Europeans and Americans. During the handshake, do not look into the eyes of the other person, and do not hold your other hand in your pocket and do not wave it in the air. When you wake to say goodbye, do not forget to shake hands. With expensive for you people – two hands. Do not try to shake hands with the Muslim woman first, if it is admissible, then she will do it.

Chatting with an Arab, do not ask questions about his wife, only politely ask, how’s the family.

You should also pay special attention towards local women. Can not be regarded women in traditional dress, their ornaments, which cover the face and treat tattoos on the hands. Forget about a chuckle followed and attempts to meet with Arab women. Otherwise, you will be fined for sixty thousand dirhams (16 thousand dollars) and deported from the country.

And about the clothes. Ladies should abandon open and causing excessive dresses. T-shirts with a deep neckline, very short skirts and shorts better leave home. The female is strictly forbidden to sunbath on the beaches and near the pool topless.

If you are going to spend a holiday in this wonderful city, then be sure to check the rules of behavior of tourists in Dubai.

If you comply with all rules of conduct, the stay will be memorable and leave your lasting impression.

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