What Looks Like Living in Jumeirah Village Circle

What Looks Like Living in Jumeirah Village Circle

Dubai is not only a place, where people come to relax for a couple of weeks, but also a city, where they come to work or even live. First of all, Dubai is fun, night parties and once again fun, but it has a calm and measured life also. Among the set of rental proposals, there is one special place, where no need to worry about noise at night. This district is called Jumeirah Village Circle.

Recently, JVC has become the main object of investor interest. And not only for them, visitors also show great curiosity towards it. This place attracts the views of its prospects. All because the construction is still going on here, although the area is already inhabited by residents and has everything for everyday life in its territory. Moreover, most of the villas have gyms, swimming pools, saunas, their own markets, gardens on the roofs at their disposal. The location of streets and houses creates a special attraction for this area. All buildings are arranged in a circle, and the streets resemble sun rays, which tend to away from the solar core. There are almost no high buildings here, and this has its own refinement, since most of the residential areas are built up with high-rise buildings. Sometimes they are so high that you cannot see anything behind them, except other structures. But JVC boasts a large overview, where the whole sky is visible entirely.

You can find great options at very low prices, which we propose you. Spacious studios will provide you with a cozy stay. There are play areas and patios for children to have fun. In addition, medical centers are also located on the territory. This is an ideal place for a family or a single accommodation. Well-groomed streets and neat houses, landscaped surroundings and clear water in the pool will surely please your eyes!

Among the residents, there are representatives of the most diverse nationalities. There is a high probability that your neighbors will open a world of a new culture for you. In the district, there are no entertainment centers, which are both a plus and a minus: on the one hand, it is their absence that determines the peace and quiet on the streets, on the other hand, to have fun you need to walk a little to the nearest entertainment place. Next to JVC there are such advanced areas as Marina and JBR. Therefore, within 10 minutes you can safely walk to a chic restaurant or amusement park and plunge into fun and carefree.

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